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Meet Dr. Dunlop

You could call him your expert in low back pain, headache, sore neck, whiplash, jammed hip, gimpy leg, frozen shoulder, bum knee, just getting old, healing hands, magic touch, pain fixer upper, or you could just call him Dr. Curtis Dunlop, Chiropractor and owner of Chiropractic Life Center, located in North Platte.

He obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX on September 13, 1993.  Dr. Dunlop has been licensed in the State of Colorado since 1993 and the State of Nebraska since 1994.  He is a member of the Nebraska Chiropractic Physician’s Association and American Chiropractic Association.   He is committed to his ongoing studies in chiropractic care and provides a lifetime study of learning. 

While in Chiropractic College he served as National Vice-Chair for the American Chiropractic Association.  He has served on the NCPA (National Chiropractic Physician’s Board) for 6 years.  He has been the President of the NPTA (North Platte Tennis Association) in North Platte, NE as well as the past President of the North Platte Country Club. 

Welcome to Our Family Health Clinic

Dr. Dunlop received the prestigious Philosophy Award given by Dr. James Parker through the Parker College of Chiropractic.  The Philosophy Award is given to the person who exhibits Dr. Parker’s unique success, his healing techniques, his philosophy, and his business training.  Dr. Parker believed if students were exposed to his principles and teachings during their years of training, they would become more successful healers and practitioners after graduation.

Dr. Dunlop moved to North Platte, NE in 1994 and purchased Chiropractic Life Center.  He has been sharing his skills and the benefits of chiropractic with his patients in the same location and surrounding areas ever since 1994.  He loves to see generations of families come into his office.  He is proud of his reputation as an effective clinician who provides the type of personalized care necessary to bring patients to their maximum potential.

His focus is not only to get sick people well, but keep them well in their everyday life.  He is committed to helping each individual with condition-based care, reconstructive care, and wellness care.  He uses a diversified technique and the Pro-adjuster instrument. Dr. Dunlop and his wife Cindy enjoy traveling to see their 7 children and 14 grandchildren in their free time.  He also enjoys playing a good game of tennis and golf, and spending time at the lake.


We are a natural health care provider.  We treat all ages from newborn and up, pre or post-surgery.  We offer acute, chronic, and wellness chiropractic care, exercise, and rehabilitation.  Dr. Dunlop also specializes in extremity adjusting, treating conditions such as shoulder impingement, carpal tunnel, sprained ankles, jammed fingers or hips, and plantar fasciitis.   Back and neck pain, allergies, asthma, digestive issues, ear infections and lots more are benefited from chiropractic treatments.  We believe everyone deserves health, happiness and a good life.  We are a team of people who care intensely about changing people’s lives for the better.  We are all about making the world a healthier place through chiropractic care.  We believe proper alignment of the spine and body will enable the body to heal itself without surgery or medicines making a healthier you with happiness as the only side effect.

We have dozens of patient testimonials that can be found on Facebook and google.  Our goal for all patients is to live a healthy lifestyle free of pain and full wellness!  If you have not found relief anywhere else, try us.  To become a chiropractic patient – just call!  For a new patient it takes about 45 minutes.  We ask you to bring insurance with you if you have it and we will be happy to send your claim to your insurance company.  We also accept no insurance patients and give a 10% cash discount to cash patients who pay on the date of service.